Digital Video

The next pioneer of marketing. Digital video advertising plays a vital role in your marketing and strategy efforts. Our team at ROI Digital Media leverages these formats to bring your target audience closer to your brand engagingly and measurably. We advertise on platforms such as Youtube for instance.

YouTube advertising is an excellent way for clients to extend the reach of your television commercial! The ad will show before YouTube videos, and the clients only pay when someone watches the entire ad.

If someone skips the ad, the advertiser pays nothing!!

YouTube advertising offers extensive targeting options so that clients only show their ad to their target audience, thus eliminating wasted ad spend. All of our specialists are YouTube Advertising Certified ensuring that the budget is spent most efficiently. Before the start of every campaign, we learn the specific goals for the individual marketing efforts to accurately target the ads to the right potential consumers.

YouTube Advertising is highly targeted and highly trackable. From day one we will set the client up with a dashboard which provides them with the ability to track their campaign in real time. YouTube advertising works on a cost-per-view model. If an advertiser’s commercial is longer than 30 seconds, the advertiser only pays for the view if the viewer watches more than 30 seconds. If the YouTube commercial is less than 30 seconds, the client only pays when the WHOLE ad has been watched. With the skip function available on YouTube videos after 5 seconds, client’s often get plenty of impressions that they do not pay for!

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality