Are you sick of seeing ads pop up everywhere for those $50 pair of jeans you once saw on a website? Well because you clicked on this ad once, the seller will continue to show you this ad over and over again on each and every website it can.  Google says that beginning last Thursday, Feb 15th, 2018, their popular Chrome browser is going to update and those annoying repeat ads are going away. We all pray that this update will continue to improve the user experience. Thus, giving us an engaging audience to advertise to.

According to a post on Google, Chrome is going to start blocking ads that repeatedly get flagged by users, including ads by, well, Google. “Your experience on the web is a higher priority than the money that these annoying ads may generate—even for us,” Chrome VP Rahul Roy-Chowdhury says in the post. The Chrome update will reportedly banish those autoplay videos, giant pop-ups and more, so start flagging away. This is only a small snippet of information, but speculations are real.

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